LIBERO Softin Real Silicone Dildo -M

LIBERO系列柔軟矽膠仿真陽具 M
non Erectrical

Product #: DC-05

JAN :4582372183254
Package size :W110×H215 ×D110mm
Product size :W66×H195 ×D92mm

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In addition to the Libero series, a dildo that pursues the feeling of the real thing has released!This new dildo is made from medical grade silicone which is regarded as a hard object unlike elastomeric TPR. However, elastic and soft silicone was successfully developed. There is no stinky smell of oil, so it is a gem that you can play safely. We also researched the shape and thickness of the suction cup which can be attached firmly. This new dildo includes 3 sizes ? S, M, and L. Each of them has 10mm high gap. The main difference is their diameter. Please choose one that fits your body to enjoy.